.full credits

Racing Line Developments presents CART Factor, a simulation of the CART FedEx Championship Series.

.the development team

Nick Ovey
Dave Ellis
Renato Simioni
Justin Ziarko
Roman Mika
Sim Steele

.vehicle dynamics

Renato Simioni


Newman - vehicle sounds
Ian Woollam - crash effects

.3D modelling

Nick Ovey

.car liveries

Dave Ellis

Nick Ovey

Justin Ziarko

.helmet textures

Dave Ellis

Nick Ovey

Sim Steele

Neil Ascough

.circuit development

Roman Mika


Justin Ziarko


Nick Ovey - cockpit, steering wheel and tyre textures, uv mapping, templating, gMotor materials/export
Dave Ellis - driver suits (except Ganassi)
Andreas Neidhardt, Alexander Borro & Shaun Stroud of CTDP - driver body model and suit template
Ace8 - wall tyrerub and fire textures

.test drivers

Greger Huttu
Dom Duhan
Michael Manning
Chris Kirk
Neil Pearson
Matt Hatton
Matt Bye
Dion Polk
Chris Rainer
Ron Sharpe
Tim Traylor
David Laplante
Laurent Vaisman
Chris Griffin
Andrew Massey
Dane Buckley

.special thanks to

Image Space, Inc.
Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates
Mark Page/Swift Engineering, Inc
Dr. Joseph Katz, BSc, MSc, DSc
Dario Franchitti
Marino Franchitti

.additional thanks to

Elan Motorsport Technologies
All American Racers
Rob Bastian
Gjon Camaj
Michael J. Fuller/mulsannescorner.com
Chris Hoyle
Grand Prix Classics
Team Redline
Virtua_LM and MonSum
Ian Woollam
Thorsten Reuter
Jeroen Goedhart


As featured in Psygnosis' "Formula 1"

.disclaimer and licensing

CART Factor has been developed by Racing Line Developments for free distribution. Racing Line Developments takes no responsibility for issues caused by CART Factor and any problems or issues derived from its installation are the sole responsibility of the user.

Any commercial or demonstrational use is strictly prohibited without prior agreement.

Third-party brands and logos are the property of their respective owners.

CART Factor is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License

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